EAST at GoMA (2017)
Installation | Performance | Performance duration c. 3'00'00''
installed at the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow UK, October 2017

An installation showcasing free improvisation, physiological response to improvisation, experimental video scores and performance work. Featuring the artists of EAST.

This work was featured as part of Marlie Mul's "Cancelled"

A thought of falling (2017)
Western Standard Notation | A4 size (21 x 29.7cm) | Chamber Ensemble | c14'00''
Instrumentation: Clarinet in Bb | Violin | Cello | Vibraphone
Premiere: Unperformed

Written as commission for the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra Composition Club prize (2017), A thought of falling is a chamber quartet inspired by the sea-cliffs under Dunstanburgh Castle, in Northumberland, UK. The work features extensive microtonal (1/4-tone) technique for the clarinet, suggested fingerings for which are given in an appendix. An extract from the programme note/foreword to the piece reads as follows:

"The foot of the sea-cliff under Dunstanburgh Castle – the building itself decaying majestically – is a place of dark beauty. Columns of ash-coloured rock,peppered with green moss and the white of birds, cascade from the ruin to the blue-grey water beneath. Even against the vastness of the sky, the cliffs stand firm – a sheer wall of rock braced against the sea. At dawn through the mist, the cliffs emerge slowly, as if the sun were gradually drawing them upwards, rock by rock."

Meditations (2017)
Western Standard Notation | B4 size (25 x 35.3cm) | Chamber Ensemble | c15'00''
Vln. | Vla. | Vc. | Pno. | Perc. (Timp., Temp. bl., Gong., Vibr. sl., Sus. cymb.)
Premiere: PLUG, Glasgow, UK, May 2017

Meditations is a chamber quintet in five movements. The cello takes a soloistic role throughout, leading the other instruments through five panels or "meditations" on unknown words. The work as a whole was written during a time of personal upheaval, and is an attempt to create space for introspection, and deeper understanding.

the shape of my house (2017)
Western Standard Notation | B4 size (25 x 35.3cm) | String Quartet | c.45'00'' 
Instrumentation: String Quartet
Premiere: Unperformed

The shape of my house is a 45 minute work for string quartet, in four movements, based on fragments of text generated across the course of a year, in response to the changing of the seasons.

Maud (2017)
Western Standard Notation | A4 size (21 x 29.7cm) | Opera | c. 15'00''
Fl./Picc., Cl./B.Cl., Bsn., Tpt., Hn.,
Perc. (B.D., T-t., Anv., Vibrasl., Tub. B., Tri., Crot's)
Solosits: Maud (Low. Sop/Mezzo), Parents (Sop., Bari.), Wise-woman (Mezzo), Jack (Ten.)
Chorus size: c. 30, SATB

While picking berries in a woodland glade, in the haze of a summer storm, a young girl named Maud stumbles upon a treasure in the undergrowth. Hurrying home, watched by the dark eyes of the wood, she is unaware of the events which have been set in motion.The sky darkens, and Maud learns that action – no matter how innocent – gives rise to consequence, and that fear can twist reality into the most gruesome and monstrous of forms." - Maud, Programme Note

Commissioned by Scottish Opera, Maud is a short chamber opera for young performers, based on a traditional folk-tale from Herefordshire. It was first performed in Glasgow, April 2018, directed by Olivia Fuchs, with the musical direction and conducting of Chris Gray. The premiere performance featured Danish Mezzo-Soprano Lise Christensen as the Wise-Woman, and young Scottish singer Erin Spence in the title role.

snow-constellation (2017)
Western Standard Notation | A4 size (21 x 29.7cm) | Guitar Duo | c. 5'00''
Instrumentation: Classical Guitar x2
Premiere: PLUG, Glasgow, UK, May 2018: Samrat Majumder, Maso Girotto

snow-constellation is a short work for Guitar duo, featuring scordatura, and written in free time. The performers sit opposite each other, the score suspended between them, and share a single melodic and harmonic line, descending slowly over the course of five minutes.

Opening Hands (2017)
Western Standard Notation| B4 size (25 x 35.3cm) | Chamber Ensemble | c.9'00'' 
Instrumentation: Rec.| Cl. | A. Sax. | Tbn. | Pno. | Perc. x1 | Vln. | E. Gtr. | Db.
Premiere: PLUG, Glasgow, UK, May 2018: Decibel Ensemble

Opening Hands is a short work for nine musicians, featuring prominent parts for the violin and percussion. The front page of the score features a series of images of clasped hands, gradually opening. 

For Sylvia (2017)
Music Theatre | Trio (Savage Parade: Piano, Voice, Cello) | c. 45'00''
Instrumentation: Voice, Piano, Cello / Vocalist, Pianist, Cellist
Premiere: FLUID festival, Birmingham, UK, September 2017

Even if it’s not presentable, should we share?

Are we comfortable with what we’re doing

You have to be calm to be listened to.

- Lex Kallio, excerpts from text generated in the devising process of For Sylvia


About For Sylvia and Savage Parade:

Between 2014 and 2018, info read: Savage Parade is an ensemble of queer, classically trained musicians, whose work explores freedom of representation and visibility of queer identities within the rigidity of the classical musical tradition.

Since its founding in 2014, the ensemble has developed a specific working methodology centred around devised composition and performance generated through discussion, debate, and improvisation. Their work draws heavily on interdisciplinary practice, while maintaining music as the core element through which contemporary issues surrounding queerness, gender, identity, and social politics, are explored.

For Sylvia is the first public product of this process. Taking as its starting point notions of queer erasure, censorship and self-silencing, the piece is an open confessional in the form of a trio recital - an affirmation of overt queer thought and voice, within architecture of a concert space.

The video below is taken from a performance of For Sylvia at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow, UK.

Please note that this work contains reference to: Suicide, Eating Disorders, Mental Health, Homophobia, Transphobia, and Aggression.

Viewer discretion is therefore advised.