Smoke (fire), Voice, Mountain (2018)
Audio Album | 12 tracks | c.35'00''
recorded in Banff, Alberta, CA, and Glasgow, UK. Available on Soundcloud.

Produced using while on residency at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. Featuring the voices of artists in residence, field recordings, and prepared piano

Studies in Black and White (2018)
Graphic Score | Acrylic on Paper | A3 size (29.7 x | Solo Piano | Variable duration
Performance: Solo Piano
Premiere: DeComposed, Glasgow, June 2018: Maria Sappho (USA), Piano

A series of 18 panels in black and white, for interpretation by pianist on solo piano. Produced for american pianist Maria Sappho.

Pathways (2018)
Graphic Score | Acrylic on Paper| A4 size (21 x 29.7cm) | Solo Instrument | 0'30'' - 3'00''
Performance: Solo Instrument (any)
Premiere: Glasgow Experimental Music Series, June 2018: Gregor Forbes (UK), Piano

A series of three short panels for solo instrument, to be interpreted at sight in performance

Pathways 1 (for music or movement)_edite
Crocus (2018)
Graphic Score | Tablature | A3 size (29.7 x | Solo Guzheng | c. 5'00''
Performance: Solo Guzheng
Premiere recording St. Michaels, Manchester, UK, Zilan Liao, Guzheng, April 2018

A work for solo Guzheng written using a bespoke tablature developed with Guzheng player Zilan Liao. Conceived as part of Psappha Ensemble's 'Composing for...' scheme

Garden (2018)
Video Score | 1920x1080 | Music and/or Movement | c.25'00''
Performance: Music and/or Movement
Premiere: DeComposed, Glasgow, June 2018: Maria Donohue (USA), Piano

A score in which the video acts as stimulus for improvising musicians and/or dancers. Performers improvise freely from the score as it is projected into the performance space. The video features recorded live-painting using acrylic on back-lit polypropylene

Firefly Cycles (2018)
Score | Animation | 1920x1080 | Mixed Strings and/or Voices | c. 10'00''
Performance: Mixed Strings and/or Voices
Premiere: Unperformed

A short animated score. Performers follow the white "fireflies" as they move, appear, and disappear, interpreting their movement on their instrument

Wintersun (2018)
Western Standard Notation | A4 size (21 x 29.7cm) | Solo Piano | 5 - 15'00''
Instrumentation: Solo Piano
Premiere: Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Alberta (CA), July 2018

Wintersun is a short work for solo piano, based entirely on the rising major scale, inspired by the qualities of the sun during winter in the upper latitudes of the northern hemisphere.

Oracle (2018)
Western Standard Notation | A4 size (21 x 29.7cm) | Solo Bassoon | c. 15'00''
Instrumentation: Solo Bassoon
Premiere recording: June 2018, Ronan Whittern (IE), Bassoon
 Listen | View Score (extract) | Purchase Score

Oracle is a work in four movements for solo Bassoon, written for Irish performer Ronan Whittern. The piece was written as a reflection on the ancient religious, cultural, and agricultural relationship between the people of the British Isles and Ireland and the native trees and forests of these countries. The piece is written as a dialogue, to be performed with the tree.

"Go outside and collect three sticks.

Return home, harming nothing.

The following day, return the sticks to where they were found.

Return home, harming nothing."

Hellyys (2018)
Music Theatre | Trio (Savage Parade: Piano, Voice, Cello ) c. 20'00''
Instrumentation: Voice, Piano, Cello / Vocalist, Pianist, Cellist
Premiere: Silk Street Music Hall, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, May 2018

Hellyys (Fin: Tenderness) is a 20-minute devised work by Queer performance trio Savage Parade (Adam Hall [USA], Inkeri Kallio [FI], Henry McPherson [UK]). The work was concieved as a segment in Robert Reid Allen's (Scot.) Anthem's for Queer Youth - a large-scale work for Piano, Soprano, and Video. 

Hellyys is a devised work using text generated by the performers during the rehearsal process. The piece is semi-improvised from a scratch-score, and features movement and minor staging.

Please note, the video below features themes explicit themes, unsuitable for those under the age of 18.