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Here you will find links to regular collaborations and projects with artists in a range of contexts.


IMMERSIONS is an ongoing project between Henry, and dance-artists Michael Schumacher and Kirstie Simson. The project situates improvisational practices in sound and movement within ecological environments of concern, and the artists are undertaking an initial telematic residency between the regions of Norfolk (UK) and Friesland (NL), both of which are endangered by the imminent threat of global sea-level rise.

Outcomes of the work will be shared in the coming months.


(the) Noisebringers (2019 - present)

Improvised interventions and benevolent nonsense with Maria Sappho (USA), Brice Catherin (FR) and friends.

"Noisebringers was created by mistake. (“There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.” ― Bob Ross) “A large and loving family, which is most definitely not a cult”, according to founding member Maria Sappho (pianist and non-composer). Other full-time members include Henry McPherson (pianist and meme artist) and Brice Catherin (your friendly elderly cellist next door). 


“We can not tell you what we have to offer, as this is improvised. If you are unsure of what improvisation might be, be assured you are asking the right questions.” (Maria Sappho again.) 

We bring noise (along) with care, love, patience, wittiness, and a range of exotic English accents since 2019. Enjoy."

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the MASS Collection (2019 - present)

A digital publication of discursive art, articles, opinions, prompts, thoughts, and questions, gathered in response to global issues. Co-edited and co-curated with Maria Sappho.

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Sky Su (2019 - present)

Ongoing sounding-moving-improvising collaboration with dance artist Sky Su includes recent sharings in Huddersfield, Glasgow, and an upcoming residency project Dharma.

For some examples of work, please see Research

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Savage Parade (2015-2017)

A devising music-theatre ensemble placing lived queer experience and personal narrative at the centre of classical and contemporary classical music.

See some examples of work here, and here

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