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Moss Gardens

2023 - 2024


Variable Ensembles

Moss Gardens is a developing collection of short to medium length chamber works for a variety of ensembles. It is a contemplative collection, created using a variety processes (from open improvisation, to collage, to notation).

Mosses form an often overlooked but critical aspect of ecosystems the world over, and in the UK, in particular in the borderlands of the Marches where I grew up, and at the gateway to the Yorkshire dales where I now live, Mosses define the landscape through their rich tapestry of green hues and their ubiquity on rain-drenched hillsides.

A part of the ‘natural world’ which is just as at home in cities as in the fields, Mosses and their cousins represent some of our closest plant-life neighbours, however their intricate structures, unusual reproductive habits (moss spores can swim), and intimate entanglement with micro and macro-climate systems usually pass without comment. Through generating sonic works inspired by mosses, I hope to gently guide the attention of audiences towards the smaller things, and to foster an interest in nature which could reasonably be explored in both rural and urban environments.

Moss Gardens No.1 was created for harp and tenor recorder
Moss Gardens No.2 was created for string quartet of two violins and two violas
Moss Gardens No.3 was created for solo piano

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