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Revolutionary Thoughts



Digital Installation

Revolutionary thoughts is a digital installation of audio fragments, split across the 9th issue of the online publication The Mass Collection, which can be viewed at Each fragment, presented in the publication in the form of a small dandelion seed, is a Revolutionary Thought. Some are old, some are new (depending on perspective). The works blow in reverse through the publication, landing back on the dandelion towards the final pages.


Revolutionary thoughts (some not new, depending on circumstances)

that a computer is a brain, or a computer is a tree, and not the other way round.

that everyone should be entitled to a universal basic income

that children have wisdom

that people can change, with time

that to grow old is not a form of degradation or loss, but a process of enrichment (Braiding Sweetgrass)

that time is not linear

that genitalia are beautiful

that the definition of sentience might not always rely on criteria such as motility, activity, or even biological processes (Chen, Animacies)

that disability is not defect

that there is no natural order

that there is no such thing as unnatural

that gender is a culturally specific phenomenon

that women have sole jurisdiction over their bodies

that family is not genetically defined

that two men can lovingly raise children

that politics can never be made distinct from day-to-day life

that words represent only one way of explaining

that to be alone is not the same as to be lonely

that no one should be a billionaire

that rent is theft

that everyone should be entitled to free housing

that law is not justice, that justice is not necessarily moral, that morality is not any one thing

that good and bad are contextual

that emotions are as valid as what is often called reason or rationality; that to hierarchise these is to be a puppet of the patriarchy

that there is no such thing as a binary

that borders should not exist

that people can never be illegal

that we are responsible for the cataclysm of the climate crisis

that we have never been and never can be distinct from the natural world

that corporations should not be afforded personhood

that trees, plants, animals, fungi, and things we call inanimate, are our teachers

that soldiers are victims, not heroes, of war

that there is no such thing as a deterrent, nuclear or otherwise; that it is only ever a weapon

that death is a part of life; that both life and death should be cherished

that facts are not political stances, but their interpretation is

that there is no such thing as unskilled labour

that heterosexuality did not exist before the twentieth century

that debate with Nazis is never debate

that art that we enjoy can be made by people we don’t agree with

that people are whole

that healthcare should be free

that democracy does not serve everybody equally

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