"as" over "is:
Manifesto of TransdisciplinaryFree Improvisation

Presented in 'More Than One Thing' at hcmf// 2021

Improvisation as an artistic practice of making-doing-being now; of happening in and belonging to the moment (while acknowledging this moment as being connected to others, past and future).

Improvisation as performing spontaneous, creative, expressive activity; with people, with objects, with others, and with self, all in and as environment.

Improvisation as a methodology of action and awareness that is situated, responsive, reflexive, and creative.

Improvisation as not having to have a plan.

Free as a structural and conceptual openness to emergences; to capacities and possibilities, as well as to ideas and propositions which arise and are expressed.

Free as allowing and being allowed to have concrete as well as in-concrete ideas and desires, and to explore them without unnecessary limitation.

Free as freeing through the imagining and articulation of personal and collective emancipations (in whatever form they might take, whether known or unknown).

Free as the giving and receiving of space and permissions.

Free as a motivation to explore both independence and interdependence.

Free as expressing and embodying possible pluralities; of affording and being afforded the capacity to exist as ‘More Than One Thing’.

Free as the capacity to articulate specifics, as well as to transform.

Transdisciplinary as the gentle deprioritising of disciplinarity and its portents as defining the means and contexts of expression; while allowing that it forms part of ongoing history, architecture, and culture in a variety of contexts.

Transdisciplinary as the transgression and questioning of boundaries concerning vocabularies of expression (modalities) held in belonging to disciplines and disciplinary axiologies.

Transdisciplinary as the blending of plural disciplines within single individuals, within groups, within spaces

Transdisciplinary as trans-epistomological; in the recognition of the existence of multiple kinds of knowledge and transmission, and of their capacity to inform each other, and coalesce into new forms.

Transdisciplinary as the invoking of potential knowledge arising in unnamed interstitial spaces and relations.

© Henry McPherson


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