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Manta Study

Stanford Cheung

Bass Recorder

"I composed the graphic score “Manta Study” to examine the relations between synesthesia and collective memory within musical notation. For a long time, I always reflected on how memory holds archival & retrieval properties that influence algorithmic responses in our actions and ways of thinking. A flower is not a flower. The sky is not the Earth. Memory is an inner atlas for individuals to hypothesize, delete, and rewrite lived and shared experiences; a vibrational tool within our bodies that must be tuned and retuned overtime. Of course, the flower is not a flower. Instead, I view flowers as wildfire. The sky is not the Earth after all. As a child, I used to believe the sky was a blanket that comforted Earth before being banished away into the atmosphere. And so, is memory then a work of fiction? How viable is memory? Should memory be trusted?" - Stanford Cheung

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