The Noisebringers (Brice Catherin, Maria Sappho, Henry McPherson) are ecstatic and grateful to give birth to their first inter/transmedia album. A labour of communal love, flavoured with fantasy, spectacle, confusing complex narratives, and undertones of irreverently peddled nonsense.

Featuring established family favourites such as I dreamed I was a cheesecake, un port une femme ukwibukisha half cup sugar and Will I enjoy Covid-19 if I haven’t watched the first eighteen?, this album invites a host of intrepid and tireless artists into the Noisebringers’ psychological home for an absurd celebration. Jump in to feet love and war for an electric feast for the body and soul. Question your truth with Dejana Sekulić in memories of things that will never happen, or find the mundane magic in Colin Frank’s Meanwhile; learn to shop in a pandemic with Alessia Anastassopulous, and sit down to a puppet show with Tim Tsang; join Tori Lassman and ask what do I look like?; can you solve Mariabrice’s puzzle – who is Donna? BRUTAMMY’s venus de milo in fur will make you wish you’d bought that discount winter coat, and Jasmine Matthews’ daydream series will make you float right out of your chair (we promise). And if that were not enough, experience the wonder as Raymond MacDonald, Weston Olencki, Cléa Chopard, Sumani, and Henry McPherson add their faces, fluids, voices and bodies to the mix in the soon-to-be-family-favourites: The abusers of power united will never be defeated, State of Play – Etat des Lieux, Palindromes, and many more!

If you buy this album (which is priced at the reasonable price of £0/$0/€0/¥0), rest assured your pores will be cleared, your skin will be cleansed, your crops will be watered, and your anxieties will be turned into methods in your human science practice(s).

“Wow! Noisebringers really are the New Punk!” the MASS Collection

“This is our best and punkest album so far.” the Noisebringers

“I haven’t heard it yet” Colin Frank

“Wow! Noisebringers really are the New Punk!” Anonymous

If this has been enough to convince you, then the Noisebringers have one little question for you. We want to ask:

“Will you marry us ?”

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© 2020 Henry McPherson


© Henry McPherson 2020