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Editorial for the March MASS 2020: MATRIARCHY

God is a Woman and so is the Earth || “Not all Men” || Queerness/Gayness does not absolve Misogyny || The United States of America is one of more than one-hundred countries which have never had a woman as head of state || Bathroom graffiti can be uplifting and supporting and is not always sexualised || Mother Earth is a Lesbian || Drag is strength in femininity || All women have experienced harassment || The systems collapsing around us as the Coronavirus pandemic spreads are founded in the global p*triarchy. They epitomise the privileging of systemic oppressions and the construction of a false reality in which finance outweighs personhood, and gain and territorialism are equated with happiness || Trans-women are women || Refuge spaces are extremely important || Gender is a construct || The clitoris is much larger than I thought it was || Women can be and are complicit in the p*triarchy || A father looking after his children is not “babysitting”, it’s parenting || Cold water for blood stains || Compassion should never be forgotten || The creation of the Other is an act rooted in delusions of dominance and hierarchy, of aptitude and acceptability, and of the pursuit of wealth at the expense of the Earth (and humanity) || Witchcraft || THAT look || How to play the piano || How to love my body ||  How to fight || Economics is astrology for Men™, and currency is its numerology; wisdom tells us that astrology and numerology are real, where economics and currency are not || Women are not defined by their biological ability to bear children || Period pain can be excruciating || How to remain silent || Objectified beauty is never beautiful || Matriarchy isn’t an imaginary alternative, but a necessary imperative || Knowledge is power and must be shared || Menstruation can be beautiful ||  Emotionality is a virtue which does not inherently antagonize “rationality” (although “rationality” must be critiqued, because more often than not it p*triarchal in form) || Mushrooms are higher beings || How to concede || Official statistics place around 20% of women in the UK as having experienced sexual assault; but this figure relies on reported cases || Dancing is joyful || Feeling overwhelmed by the world is part of a shared human predicament and is not weakness (describing weakness is in itself a kind of valuing and othering rooted in problematized models of society ) || Men can get breast-cancer || White feminism isn’t enough || A deep love for music ||

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